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City: Xiamen
Province/State: Fujian
Country/Region: China
Tel: 86-0592-5087576
Contact Person:
Miss miya


Place of Origin : SWEDEN
Brand Name : AB
Certification : inquiry
Model Number : 47100-071-51
MOQ : 1
Price : inquiry
Packaging Details : inquiry
Delivery Time : 3
Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : inquiry
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*: m i y a @ m v m e . c n
: 2 9 0 5 7 0 1 1 9 2
'8 6-0 5 9 2-5 0 8 7 5 7 6 8 6-1 8 0 2 0 7 7 6 7 9 2
70 5 9 2 - 5 1 6 5 5 6 1
S K Y P E : m i y a z h e n g 5 2 0
Cole-Parmer 30600-05 1-Way Male Lock Stop-Cock Valve Shut-Off BAG OF 100
Tektronix P6139A 10X Passive Probe Instruction Manual 063-0870-03 3311D-3
BIRD ELECTRONIC CORP 50W 2-30 MHz plugs and connectors 8002C
Aromat JH2a-W-DC12V-Q AR562198 Relay NEW 8601f
Cole-Parmer 30600-05 1-Way Male Lock Stop-Cock Valve Shut-Off BAG OF 50
Thermo Spectronic GENESYS 20 Spectrophometer, 4001/4*
Cole-Parmer 30600-05 1-Way Male Lock Stop-Cock Valve Shut-Off BAG OF 20
Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual 3311d1
2 Mini-Circuits TB-278 TB,DBTC,AT1030,50 OHM attenuator 8801B
BIRD ELECTRONIC CORP 100W 2-30 MHz 1000H plugs and connectors 8004C
BIRD ELECTRONIC CORP. 100W 2-30 MHz 100H plugs connectors 9004B
Agastat SSC120BF10 24VDC 10s Timing Delay Relay 7701B
OHIO Gear B238 Speed Reducer 412412 1750RPM 20 Ratio, 2606E
Fluke 8600A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual 3311d1
WJ/TriQuint AH103A-PCB900 evaluation board 700 to 1000MHz 0.5 watts 9002C
Kepco ABC 15-7DM 0-15V 0-7A Power Supply Marked Defective but powers up
2 METCAL STTC-525 soldering iron tips 9003B
Tektronix 2213A 60MHz Analog Oscilloscope
Advanced Motion Contols 14724-0038 Brushless PWM Servo Amplifier-7401B*
General Radio GR Operating Instruction Type 1208-C Unit Oscillator H 3311D-3
Siemens Contactor 3TF42 10-0AK6 , 95B-1
Anaren 44010 Power Divider, 1-4 GHz
GE EYC 20840 MR16 Lamp 12V 71W Q71MR16C PACK OF 2 NEW
Weinschel 30dB 25W 5kW Peak 33-30-33 Coaxial Attenuator 7701B
Trak Microwave 60A6001 3-way Splitter 7701B
OHIO Gear B238 Speed Reducer 412409 1750RPM 5 Ratio , 2606E
Macom M/A-COM 2025-6020-20 6.0-18.0GHz Splitter 20dB 7701B
Dual- MKS 244 Pressure/Flow Controllers*
MKS Baratron 77M-XR, Type 77 Pressure Meter*
Agilent/HP E2261A, Quad RS-232 Interface M-Module NEW
ST 27338 STDB-2003-IMC Splitter 7701B
General Radio GR TYPE 1211-C Unit Oscillator Operating Instructions F 3311D-3
Videology 20D739 / 21D739 CKPT#707288 NTSC 12VDC/24VAC, 98C-4
HP 8477A Calibrator, Rack 11*
Anaren Power Divider 41130, 2-18 GHz
Lotus Technologies 60DLi Torque Meter- Rack 14*
Tektronix 92A60/90 010-0456-00 Deskew Adapter 92A60 90 Rack3
M/A-COM Macom 2025-6018-10 6-18GHz Splitter 7701B
National Semiconductor AG ADC0804LCN STB9024 7003A-3
Regency PS-2500 Regulated Power Supply- 7603C*
Tektronix 013-0099-01 FETs Test Fixture Adapter 500V Max Rack3
Anaren Power Divider 4J0266, 2.0 - 4.0 GHz
Adda AD0812HB-D70 12VDC 0.18A DC Brushless Fan LOT OF 5 NEW
Milestek 90-51211 1-Stub Term Bus Coupler NEW 7701B
Fluke 8800A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual 3311d-1
Mini-Circuits ZX10-2-12-S+ 2-1200MHz Splitter 7701B
Fluke 8600A Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual 391409 3311d1
Anaren 10616-30 Power Divider, 2.0 - 4.0 GHz, -30 dB
K & L Microwave 8L120-X1600-0/0 9135-0249 7701B
GE Fanuc CQPJ2D100S2P-A Quick Panel Jr*
General Radio GR Operating Instructions TYPE 1215-B Unit Oscillator D 3311D-3
Cutler-Hammer PSS300E/PSS1041A 300W Switch Mode Power Supply- 7302B*
TRW D31-B13A-05W2-000 24VDC 0.09A Fan Pack of 2 NEW 8403C
Fluke 8522A Multimeter Calibration Manual 629220 copy 3311d1
HP 5150A Thermal Printer RK4D
Telemecanique LC1D4011G6 LC1-D4011-G6 NEW Contactor 8603F
Sanyo STK439 STK-439 Stereo Amplifier 7003A-2
Tamron 13VM35814 1/3" Vari-Focal Lens 3.5-8mm NEW , 98C-4
ABB S271 K10A S271-K10 230/400 Circuit Breaker 10A NEW Pack of 2
Fluke 8522A Multimeter Instruction Manual 818393 3311d1
GR Operating Instructions TYPE 1210-B/1210-P1 Unit R-C
Fluke 8520A Digital Multimeter Operator Manual 541979 3311d1
Bessler 4102 Deluxe Dual-Mode Slide Duplicator*
B-K Precision 1248 Digital I.C. Color Generator powers up AS IS, 105C-2
05464ASSY31730 Display with Octagon Systems SDA-1 Circuit Board 7003A-3
GR Operating Instructions TYPE 1263-B Amplitude-Reg.Power Supply D 3311D-3
Acopian TD15-250 Power Supply
Aro Fluid Power Solenoid Valve #A239PD 1119, 95B-1
Ohmite 75W 15K Ohm Model G RGS15K Rheostat NEW 8602G
Ashcroft C1 4-20mA Differential Pressure Transmitter RFE 8304A
Tektroix P6109B Probe (Set of 2)
Ashcroft IXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter RFE 7903C
Aro Fluid Power Solenoid Valve #A211PS 1219, 96B-1
Mitsubishi M51517L 831801 M-51517L 7003A-3
Sumitomo SUMILINK DM-57-RA CASE OF 3 Receivers NEW
Telemecanique Contactor LP-2K0910, 98C-4
Abacon 316L Relay NEW
Tektronix P6139A Probe
Schrader Bellows 7AF11BA 120PSIG NEW, 95B-1
Toshiba TA7205AP Pack of 3 7003A-3
Bodine NSH-34RJ 578JM4018 115V 0.75A 1/15HP 24RPM Gearmotor
MAC Valves PED-611CAAA 30-150PSI Pneumatic Valve NEW , 95B-1
Colman Motor IDQC-6008-751, 24VDC Motor*
Tektronix P6111B Probe
Lambda SVS150-24 24V 6.25A Power Supply RFE
McLean Thermal U88, 230V, 1/6HP, 1600RPM, 1PH, HZ60 Motor*
Omron S82K-03024 DC24V 1.3A Power Supply RFE rk16c
Nikon H.K.W. 10x lens
Federal 500P Indicating Unit (Bore Gage)- 8500B*
GR TYPE 1531-AB STROBOTAC electronic stroboscope K Inst. Manual 3311D-3
Nikon Bi H.K.W. 10 x lens
Mocon Toray LC 700F Oxygen Analyzer- Rack 12*
Mac Valves 111B-871AAAA 24VDC, 96A-1
Banner CM3A Multi-amp Amplifier Module, 7301B-2
General Radio 1433-Y Decade Resistor
Banner CM5RA Maxi-amp Amplifier Module, 7301B-2
Festo 40-2020/25X24-BM Slide
HP J2601B AdvanceStack 24-Port- Rack 13*
GR Op. Inst. TYPE 1607-A Transf. Function and Immittance Bridge E 3311D-3
Southern Precision 1836 6X Measuring Microscope, 7102C-4
ITW 41-115-0089 Rotary Switch 04426 9207 NEW Pack of 5, 104A-3
Sunon KDE1206PTS3 DC12V 12V Fan 1.2W New PACK OF 2 rk4c
Kollmorgen Drive BDS5A-203-00100-202A-2-020, and 202/202A2 Rev. TL#2
GE 453AC3AAA 30A 3 pole Coil 110-120V Contactor NEW 8604C
Qualidyne 23082BFX 923QB2 REV. 204 Power Supply, 90B-3
GE CR353FE3BA1AB 50A 3 pole coil 110-120V Contactor NEW 8903D
GR Op. Inst.TYPE 1607-A Transfer-Function and Immittance Bridge 980-B 3311D-3
Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co. Y4L403C804G, 115V, 1300/1600RPM Motor*
HP 6621A/22A/23A/24A/27A Power Supply Operating Manual 5957-6377 3113B-3
LASAIR 1510 Particle Measuring System*
Honeywell B2DA1052 Skinner Valve "New" - 8303C*
Canal (M) F210 Switch 106A 250V-T85 Qty of 2, 104A-3
Newport Elect INFCDR-110 Infinity C Differential Temperature Meter w/ RTD, 7302C
Emerson K55HXRDT-5477, 115V, 1/8HP, 1650RPM Motor*
C&H Technologies VXI Switching Module VX412C w/ manual
Newport Electronics INFCS-110 Infinity C Strain Gage Meter, 7302C
LOT of 15 Pcs- Opto 22 DC60S3 3-32VDC Solid State Relays- 8303C*
Infoblox 1000 Network Identity Appliance Model # IB-1000-DNS-K-01, 8304E
Newport Electronics INFCP-100A/E Infinity C Process Panel Meter, 7401D
Kaman Measuring Systems KD2300-.25S Oscillator Demodulator "NEW" 7602B*
McLean Engineering PR613N; 27VDC Dual Blower on Mount Plate*
Allen-Bradley 1492-PDE1141 175A 600V, 104A-3
GR Op. Inst.Manual TYPE 1605-A,-AH Impedance Comparator G 3311D-3
Allen-Bradley 1785-L40E/C, PLS-5/40 Ethernet Processor Module, PN96137877 Ser. C
VWR Digital Data Logger*
General Radio GR TYPE 1601-A V-H-F Bridge 721-D 3311D-3
Allen Bradley 1785-L40E/D, PLC-5/40 Ethernet Processor Module PN 96225872 Ser. D
GE 9T58K3478 Industrial Control Transformer- Rack 6*
GR Instr. Manual TYPE 1564-A Sound and Vibration Analyzer E 3311D-3
GR Inst. Manual TYPE 1662 Resistance Limit Bridge Ed 3311D-3
Newport Electronics INFCT-111 Infinity C Prog Dig Thermocouple Panel Meter,7401B
C&H Technologies 24 Channel Driver MA201 w/manual
A.W. Sperry AC Volt-Ohm-Ammeter, SPR-300 Plus w/probes, in carrying case
Mac 712C-12-PI-111CA / PID-111CAAA 120/60, 10/50, 96A-2
Newport Electronics INFCH-111 Infinity C Thermistor Indicator/Controller, 7401B
Gen. Rad. GR1656 Impedance Bridge Inst. Manual Form 1656-0100-D 3311D-3
McLean Engineering 71040798, S-5308-2, 48V, 3.2A Motor*
GR Inst. Man. TYPE 1633-A/1630/AV Incremental Inductance Bridge/Meas. Assemb. C
GR Inst. Manual TYPES 1863/1864 Megohmmeters B 3311D-3
GR Op. Inst. TYPE 1304-B Beat Frequency Audio Generator 3311D-3
AMP 220015-3, MOD E Crimper*
GR Instructions TYPE 1413 Precision Decade Capacitor B 3311D-3
Tektronix 013-0099-00 FETs Test Fixture 500V Adapter rack3
Allen-Bradley ControlNet Fiber Module 1786-RPFS/A
General Radio GR Inst. Manual TYPES 1863/1864 Megohmmeters A 3311D-3
Allen-Bradley SCANport ControlNet 1203-CN1, Series A
GR Inst. Manual 1863/1864 Meghommeters G 3311D-3
AMP 22-16 P.I.D.G., 48430 Crimper*
Schneider Automation 170ADM35010 w/170 DNT 110 00 Communtication Adapter 7003A-3
GR Op. Inst. TYPE 1632-A Inductance Bridge C 3311D-3
Mac 912B-PM-591AA PME-591AAAA 25 TO 150 PSI, 96A-2
Action Instruments/Weidmuller / Ultra SlimPak G478
RACAL 1260VXI Switch Card/260-134 Multiplexer PlugIn 4070662, 980824, 40513-001
GR Inst. Manual GR 1863 and 1864 Megohmmeters D 3311D-3
Anorad 5413 Keyboard , 2607A
GR Ops and Maint. Manual TYPE 1932-A Distortion and Noise Meter 3311D-3
Bosch CL 300-500 062309-405 Drive 8102C
Square D CL 9421 TYPE V6 Series A, 98D-1
GR Ops. Inst. Manual TYPE 1932-A Distortion & Noise Meter K 3311D-3
Action Instruments/Weidmuller / Ultra SlimPak G108
Mac PID-221BAAA VOLTS/HZ 24/60, 24,/50, 30 TO 150 PSI, 96A-2
HP 35858 Spectrum Analyzer 20Hz - 40MHz
TENMA 72-7260 Sound Level Meter Calibrator , 98D-1
CMC/IMC Cleveland -Kidder Ultra Line Load Cell
Dover Instruments GA6520-11HS-100D Amplifier*
Avtron Incremental Encoder HS35A
LH PSMA11-8/115-230/28AT Super Mite-A Power Factor Unifier*
Agilent 53132A Universal Counter w/power cord, manuals, dvd
KB Penta Power Signal Isolator KBSI-240D
Dover Instruments GA6520-10 Amplifier*
ELAN SRBF-1112 Safety Relay Input Module*
Bayside NEMA Gearhead, NE23-100
Bayside Precision Gearhead, NE23-050
Phoenix Contact CM 50-PS-120-230AC/24DC/2.5 TYPE 29 39 04 3
Keyence EX-V05 Digital Controller with EX-110V Sensor
Cooper-Bussmann FWH-250A Semiconductor Fuse
Keyence EX-V02 Digital Controller with ex-110v sensor
Allen-Bradley Flex I/O 24 VDC Power Supply 1794-PS13
Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 24VDC Power Supply 2711P-RSACDIN
Mac 55B-11-PI-501JA / PID-501JA VAC TO 150 PSI, 96A-3
Allen-Bradley 1771-P4S/B 120V AC Power Supply Module
Agilent 8491A-H60 6dB Attenuator
Agilent 8491A-H60 6dB Attenuator
Microchip Development Tools DAF18-2 Device Adapter NEW 7701B
Agilent 8491A 6dB Attenuator
Microchip Development Tools DAF18-3 Device Adapter NEW 7701B
Agilent 8491A 10dB Attenuator
Microchip ACICE0201 8P 0.300" Adapter Plug NEW 7701B
Microchip PIC16C5X 28P DIP Device Adapter DVA16XP280 NEW 7701C
OM Oriental Motor 5RK90GU-AMUL AC Magnetic Brake Motor 8401d
Cutler-Hammer CE15ENS2 Contactor 8704C
Adda AK2581HB AC100-120V 50/60Hz 0.55/0.62A 982B AC Axial Fan
Cutler-Hammer CE15ENS3 Contactor 8704B
Staco 3PN171 120V Variable Autotransformer 1.75A 60 cycles
Digi 50001358-18 Connect Port X8 Series 1 Connect Hub*
Omega OM-202-M 10-Channel Muliplexer Scanner, 7402B
Protek PM650-14C, 100-240V~8.6-3.5A, 47-63Hz/ 650W, 24V-27.1A Power Supply*
Microchip Technology AC002012 15V 0.750A Power Supply NEW 7701C/D
Dickson THTrace THP7F Temperature Humidity Chart Recorder, 7501D
Octagon Systems MPB-16 I/O Module 16 Position, 7303B
Hubbell HBL2621 30A 250V Twist-Lock Plug 30A NEW, 89B-1
Sorensen DCR150-3B, 0-150V~0-3A Regulated DC Power Supply*
California Instruments AC Power Source 251TC Invertron w/800T rk5c
Omega PX236-030GV Millivolt Output Type Pressure Transducer *NIB*, 7403B
Megger 217730 Rigid Vinyl Case for 210600, 7202A
uvicure plus s/n 7067
ESA S94 Servo Drive Axis Controller 7002B-4
AO American Optical 0.7-3.0X AO-569 AO569 w/2 Eyepieces 10X Stereo Star Zoom
EAO 22-351.111D 22-351.111D65 Keylock Switch rk18
AO American Optical 1X Stereo Star Zoom Microscope Head w/ Eyepieces AO571
SMC FITTINGS KQ2E12-00 7103c-1^
AO American Optical Microscope Head w/ 2 Eyepices 15X WF
Comm. Instr. Inc 200 ohm 6000 Turns 34-E.C. 34EC 34 wire telecom relay
ARO 129121-600 Miniature Airline Filter Regulator NEW , 98D-1
Hubbell HBL5462 20A 250V 2 Poles, 89B-1
Center HCR-41778 Transformer 7003C-2
A.T. Products, Inc Model A31 Pedestal Microphone- Rack6*
HP ET-5026 Box, 7503B
Condor GPC40-3.3 3.3V 8A Power Supply NEW 7203B
DUAL COUPLER 722N-20-1.500V
Pro-Power PP1907 Red 1/2" Heat Shrink Tubing 100 ft, 7202A
Telemecanique GV2ME103 / 4-6.3A & LC1D093, 89B-1
Tektronix P6046 Differential Probe w/Power Supply & Case*
Mac 55B-11-PI-221A / PID-221CAAA VAC TO 150 PSI, 96A-3
Condor GLC40B 5.1VDC 3A 6A Power Supply NEW 7203B
Lambda HSC15-3.0 15VDC 3A Power Supply Bent frame 7203B
Condor GLM50-3.3 3.3V 8A Power Supply 7203B
Labfacility WU-100/100m IEC Thermo RC/SC Cable 328 ft, 7202A
Lot of 200 Nippon Chemi-Con KMQ Series 350V 470uF 105ºC Capacitors NEW
Lot of 184 Nippon Chemi-Con 350V 680uF 105ºC KMQ Series Electrolytic Capacitors
Papst 9906 Axial Fan 115V 14W 12W 160mA 140mA, 98D-2
Mitutoyo 510-106; 1-2" Micrometer- Rack 5*
Vicor PFC Mini PM5-50-521 Power Supply 8501a
AO American Optical Microscope Head w/2 AO 146 Eyepieces rk7
H-Square Miscellaneous Lot Stand AWT4HL8 + WT28HAS + 98916 photo wand
LeCroy PP092 2GS/s PP 092 Adaptor 8901b
Durakool 3030APS120AC 120VAC Coil Contactor 8701b
Tektronix DC 5010 Programmable Universal Counter/Timer w/ Option 01, 7501B
EBM Papst W2G107-AD05-89 48V Fan , 98D-2
ABB S204U K5A 240V Circuit Breaker 2CD S274 417R0357 S204U-K5 Box of 2 NEW
Omron GT1-TS04T Analog Unit 24VDC 0.1A 8701b
USB KVM Switch 35555; 4 Port USB KVM 7003A-3
Power-One HB15-1.5-A 15VDC 1.5A Power Supply 7203B
Mac Valves 45A-L00-DAAJ-1KD Volts/HZ 120/60, 110/50, 96A-3
Watlow Limit SD SD4L-HJJA-AARG Module 8701b
Condor GPC40-28 28V 1.4A Power Supply NEW 7203B
HP 16702A Logic Analysis System w/16557D 2MSa Analyzer Card rk5C
Elina Fan LSL EP083830 230V Fan NEW, 98D-2
Technipower W10MT3A Autotransformer Variac rk17
Mitutoyo 3-4" 510-108R Micrometer- Rack 4C
Pro-Power PP1942 Yellow 3/8" Heat Shrink Tubing 100 ft, 7202A
Condor GLC75-28 28V 4A DC Power Supply NEW 7203B
Cramer Division Conrac Corp. Type 392A-A 392AG500-A0200A, 105B-2
VAT F-41970-96, 90 Degree - Vacuum Valve*
SPI 24-362-6 Dial Thickness Gauge 1-IN Range- Rack 4C
Stopcircuit GDT-16D-0403-J GDT16D0403J 80135247R 415VAC 8701b
Pro-Power PP2080 Grey 3/64" Heat Shrink Tubing 100 ft, 7202A
GENERAL ELECTRIC J594 PN 9A-5120-100 8504B^
Emacs MR3-6460P + MIN-6250P x3 qty Power Supply
Tektronix 7B80 Time Base, 7501B
Dover Air Spindle 8403b
Honeywell 1LS58 Micro Switch Limit Switch w/o Lever, 7904D-1
Sola GLT-02-040 5VDC/3A 12VDC/2A 12VDC/0.3A Power Supply 7203B
Pro-Power PP2381 Blue 3/64" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, 7203A-1
Lambda LFS-38-28 Regulated Power Supply 28V 0.7A 0.5A 0.35A 7203B
Sunrise Telecom SunSet xDSL Handheld Tester for repair 8501C
Walther 210 16A-6h 230/400V Plug Connector RFE 8703B
BROTHER BGFM15-040TE2C Induction Motor*
MK Mennekes LN 9071 63A 6h 240/415V Plug Connector RFE 8703B
Lambda HSB28-1.0 28VDC 1A Power Supply NEW 7203B
AO American Optical Microscope Head no Eyepieces rk6
Lambda LNS-Z-28 28V Power Supply NEW 7203C
Thwing-Albert Handle-O-Meter Flexibility Surface Friction Tester 211-2000
LeCroy Cover for Equipment 915610-00 Rev B 19" x 13.5" see ad
AO American Optical 571 AO-571 Stereo Star Zoom Microscope Head w/eyepieces rk4c
MDC Vacuum Products Corp. 96615 Modular Evaporation Source*
BALDOR GM3347, .2//.25HP, 3Ph, 10:1 Ratio Motor*
IMC Mini Boxer 3610PS-23T-B10 230V Fan , 98D-3
VAT F03-85974/0055 Pneumatic Vacuum Slit Valve*
AO American Optical 569 0.7X-3.0X Microscope Head w/ 2 20X WF eyepieces rk8
Pro-Power PP2399 Blue 3/8" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, 7203A
Lot of 8 Grayhill 70G-ODC5 I/O Modules *New*, 7303D
Lot of 6 Grayhill 70G-ODC5 I/O Modules *New*, 7303D
Yokogawa 250309CFZZ8 DC AMMETER 7003B-4
Superior Electric Staco 033-3504 Variable Autotransformer Variac
Jewell 2013-3761-00 Digital Meter 7003B-4
Crydom CKRA4810P Solid State Contactor 480V 10A NEW 8701A
Cramer Division Conrac Corp. Type 390A-A 390AB600-A0200A, 105B-2
CB Com CM-7520 RS-232 to RS-485 Converter 3000V Isolation Rack3B
VAT F03-85974/0063 Pneumatic Vacuum Slit Valve*
LEESON CM31D17NZ8C, 90V, 1750RPM, 1.8A, 1/6HP Direct Current Magnet Motor*
CB Com CB-7044 Data Acquisition Module Rack4c
Comair Rotron Patriot 032356 PD12H6NDN 12VDC Fan NEW , 98D-3/8701A
Process Technology Immersion Heater 9KW 480V 3Phase 9000 watt 10.8A IN2T9421-3-W
KOLLMORGEN 00-S0959-014, S9M4H/M23 Servo Disc DC Motor*
Jewell 4PB-DMV-50U50-MOD1 Panel Instrument 7003B-3
Pro-Power PP2188 Black 1/8" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, 7203A-1
Square D SPST-N.O. Heavy Duty Power Relay Type C0-6LU Series A, 7401B
micro-lite fl2000 7901b^
Jewell 3PB-DUA-100-MOD Panel Instrument 7003B-3
AD Analog Devices AD204 Isolation Amplifier 7701B
Jewell 2013-3980-00 Digital Meter 7003B-3
ARTESYN 300-1353-03, 1175W Max Total Output Power*
FINDER TYPE 90.22 10A 250V 7103C-1^
Pro-Power CB12543 Black 3/8" Heat Shrink Tubing 5m/16 ft, 7203A-1
Modutec 2S-AVC-100-MOD 1 Panel Meter 7003B-3
Idec RTE-BS1 Electronic Timer w/ Multiple Timing Faces *NIB*, 7401B
Fincor PR Series PR125-10A, 125V-10A Power Supply- Rack 6*
Jewell 2053-3461-04 Digital Meter 7003B-3
Cramer Division Conrac Corp. Type 391A-A 391AH300-A0200A, 105B-2
Pro-Power PP1938 Yellow 3/32" Heat Shrink Tubing 100 ft, 7203A
Pro-Power PP2363 Green 3/8" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, 7203A
2-Nidec TA450DC Fans, 5403615-03*
Pro-Power PP2360 Green 1/4" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, 7203A
ETRI MODEL. 148VP 0281 030 Fan 50/60HZ, 98D-4
2- Nidec Beta V TA600DC, 5403614-02 Fans*
ETRI MODEL 148VK 281 50/60CPS 208/240VAC, 98D-4
Guide Gear GG 154020-PR2-630 SZ13 Mens Desert Combat Boots 13/M Size 13 NEW
Snap-Tite/ Jefferson 6212B56 Valve , 96A-4
Omega Temperature Probe LD300-25 NEW LD30025 , 95B-2
ASCO Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 55100028 , 95B-2
Micro Switch BZ-2RW8225551-A2 Switch, Roller Lever spdt 15A 480V pack of 2
ASCO Red-Hat EF8016G1 2-Way Solenoid Valve NEW, 96A-4
MDC Vacuum Products Corp CVS-Source Contoller*
Jewell BL-530202-01-U Digital Panel Meter (pack of 3) Rack 10 BTM*
Micro Switch 12TS15-2 Pack of 2 Toggle Switch 8904f
Micro Switch 12TS15-2 Pack of 3 Toggle Switch Pack of 3 8904f
Square D SX-6 Class 999 Series B Electrical Interlock Kit w/2 Cont *NIB*, 7401B
Jewell BL-631303-01-U Digital Meter (pack of 3) Rack 10 BTM*
Ohmite Model L Rheostat
Advanced Energy 2026-000-0 ASM LDM Plasma Generator*
HP 6826A Bipolar Power Supply/Amplifier
ASCO Pressure Switch TM10A21, 96A-4
Pro-Power PP2127 Black 2" Heat Shrink Tubing 50 ft, 7203D
Micro Switch BZ-2RW863-A2 Switch Pack of 4 8904f
Micro Switch BZ-2RDS-A2 Pack of 5 Switches 8904f
Cramer Division Conrac Corp. Type 393A-A 393AB300-A0200A, 105B-2
Micro Switch BZ-R21-A2 Pack of 2 Switches 8803d
DAYTON 6A198B 1/20HP, 115V, 154RPM AC Gearmotor w/Mounting Plate, Fan and Gear*
Micro Switch BZ-R21-A2 Pack of 3 Switches 8803d
Jewell BL-533704-07-U Digital Meter (Pack of 3) Rack 10 BTM*
Cramer Division Conrac Corp. Type 392A-A 392AB300-A0200A, 105B-2
SOLA SOLIDS DC Power Supply Cat. No. 85-05-210, 96A-4
Simpson Panel Meter Range: 0-250 AC Volts Cat. No. 10230 7103A-1
Jewell 2053-3438-041 DIgital Meter Rack 10BTM*
Cramer Division Conrac Corp. Type 392A-A 392AB600-A0200A, 105B-2
Symbol DS Barcode Scanner, DS3478-SF20135WR
Agilent 6614C System DC Power Supply "BAD"*
Symbol DS Barcode Scanner, DS3478-SF20135WR
Dover Spindle & Encoder
Micro Switch BZ-2R Pack of 3 Switches 8903f
Square D 8501CO16V24 Ser D Power Relay 30A @ 300VAC Coil 240 V *NIB*, 7401B
Micro Switch 23AT1 Switches Pack of 2 8903f
Jewell 2353-1024-10-U Digital Meter Rack 10 BTM*
FASCO 3M25-C 30D030-4C 208/240V ,2604E-1
Compumotor SXF83-135 Stepper Motor*
Telemecanique LD1 LB030
Sun Microsystems 263-1240-02 Processor Module*
DeviceNet mykrolis IntelliFlow II DSSAD100 N2 Digital Flow Controller 8501b
Micro Switch 13AT2 Switches Pack of 2 rk16b
Allen-Bradley 1771-SDN B, Devicenet Scanner Module
Omron E2C-JC4AP Switch
MODUTEC 2013-3436-003 Digital Meter 7003C*
SMC FITTINGS KQ2E08-00 7103C-1^
SMC ZSE3-0X-21 Vacuum Switch
AB Allen-bradley 1756-M02AE/A 2 Axis Servo Module 90801707-A01
MTS Electro Hydraulic Torque Amplifier 221-70A-35D- 2000PSI 7704D*
Simpson TV4AMA006MOD Digital Meter Rack 10 BTM*
Allen-Bradley 1771-DB/B Basic Module
Pack of 3 Potter & Brumfield W67X2Q1-3-1 Circut Breakers, 7601B
OMRON S82F-1524 Power Supply, 24V, 7A*
Square D 2510FF-2 FHP Manual Starter Grey Flush Plate *NIB*, 7401B
Allen-Bradley 1771-DB/B Basic Module
Wavecrest Balun 530910-00 Fibre Channel DB-9 (male)
Micro Switch BZ-2R-B Pack of 5 Switches rk3D white bin
Peavey MMA 835T 8 Channel Modular Mixer/Amplifier, 7302C
Pro-Power PP2270 White 2" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 5 pcs, C3A
Jewell 2033-3501-05 Digital Meter Rack 10 BTM*
OM Gear Head 4GN36KA/4GN10XK & Induction Motor 41K25GN-SH
Powerstat 126T Variable Autotransformer 120V, 93D
Jewell 3MAS-AVV-300-U Panel Instrument Rack 10 BTM*
Square D 8501 Type PH 40 E Contact Relay Ser B 20 A 660V *NIB*, 7401B
Arnold Magnetics PAD28-EHSTI Power Supply 7704B*
Pro-Power PP2306 Yellow 2" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 5 pcs, C3A
Micro Switch ST52K 12TS11-2 Pack of 5 Switches 8904e
GE Fanuc Servo Motor A06B-0313-0B574#7008
Pro-Power PP2357 Green 3/16" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, C3A
IFM Opto Efector OS 5018/OST-FPKG Sensor **NIB**, 7502C
GE Fanuc Servo Motor A06B-0313-B574#7008
Comp Air CompAir Valve 8M304-102, 96A-4
GE Fanuc Servo Motor A06B-0373-8677#7008
Bussmann FWP-100A, 100A, 700V AC/DC Fuse*
Tektronix 067-1037-00 Set Up/Hold Time Test Fixture- 7601B*
CROMPTON 252-PVAU 5A 250V AC 50/60Hz & 24V DC, 95B-2
Pro-Power PP2243 White 3/32" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 25 pcs, C3B
VWR Stainless Steel Scissor Lift / Jack 8" x 8"
Tyco Raychem IR-1759 Infrared Heat Gun & Power Box ED-7-004
IAI Corporation ISD-S-16-60-600-CR-EM Actuator rk3b
Allen-Bradley 193-BSB16 Overload Relay 1.1-1.6A , 95B-2
Intermec SR61 Barcode Scanner w/ stand and power cord
Horner Electric HE693THM800E Input Module, 96A-4
Edwards 590 Transformer 10V 5A Load 120V Line, 95B-2
Pro-Power PP2378 Green 2" Heat Shrink Tubing 4 ft x 5 pcs, C3A
Intermec SR61 Barcode Scanner w/ stand and power cord/adapter
MODUTEC IMAS-DMA-001-U Panel Meter Rack 10 BTM*
FASCO 3M30-C 30E030-4C 24V 50/60Hz 3 POLES, 2604E-1
Jewell 2133-3402-04 Digital Meter Rack 10 BTM*
Rexroth Pneumatic Cylinder 0 822 343 003
Superior Slo-Syn SS150-1129 Stepping Motor 3.3RPM 120V ,93C-2
DODGE 6001391HHA, 079167-63-HT Gear Reducer*
Allen Bradley 1492-CB2 10A G100 Circuit Breaker, 96A-4
Haydon Switch and Inst, Inc 46341-12, 12 VDC Stepper Motor w/Screw Drive Rack6*
IMO Barksdale Controls 405H2-04CG-11-L Pressure Transducer 405H2 7302A-1
Control Concepts SCR 2007-070901 SCR Power Controller*
Honeywell DR4501-1000-10-000-0-00-0111 Chart Recorder*
Parker Schrader Bellows 035682000B DT-31805 Pressure Regulator NEW 7302A-1
DODGE 056C200T150S1ABAC, SC200T150NS1 Gear Reducer*
Power-One CP292 Power Supply 7201A-2
Shroeder A10 Micron Filter Element: Lot of 10
MicroE Systems SA200 Two Axis Servo Amplifier
2- Omega CT485B Chart (temp/humid) Recorders rk3b
OMRON Proximity Switch E2E-X1R5E1, Type CE
Newport BQ24 Digital Panel Meter 9-32VDC with manual , 105B-3
LeCroy HFP1000 Active Probe, 1 GHz
Pack of 5 Irwin Hanson 10-32NF High Carbon Steel Machine Screw Taper, 7301B-2
Bosch EP-200 EPROM
Newport BDD2 BCD Isolated L/B Connector #73K4615 , 105B-3
LAMBDA LK350-FMOV 0-20VDC Regulated Power Supply*
Bimba Pneumatic Cylinder 177-DP
GE Fanuc Series 18-GS Controller A02B-0120-CO51/MA,
Allen Bradley 700-RTA01V200A1 Series B; AC Control Relay "New" 7602B*
Tektronix Blank Plug / No Lock
Xeltek LER-123A EPROM UV Eraser *NIB*, 7201D
Mitutoyo 0-1" 293-766-30 Micrometer 7103A-1
Mykrolis IntelliFlow II Digital Flow Controller DSSAD100- 7003C-1

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